-Воспоминания о пребывании-
-Researchers Diary-
( 2017 г.)

Анастасия Паукаева

Everyday life

I also have a person at laboratory who makes my life easier, in the case of helping to find the appropriate accommodation, to fill out some documents in Japanese, go the doctor and so on. I think this kind of person makes you feel less helpless, because you know whom to ask. This person makes a change to your quality of life. Also people on the streets don’t refuse you in the help if you ask. So, if you find yourself in trouble there are always person, even unfamiliar, who can help you and support you in such a hard time. So it can be sometimes important do not shy to ask a favor for help.


Despite from the fact that Japan is fastest developing country and more and more tourists come here, just a few speak English. So it could be useful if you know some basic of Japanese language. Simple sentences can help you establish contact with your laboratory members, Prof. and other. Japanese people would appreciate that you learn and know something about their language and culture. Thus, it’s essential that you have some hobbies like learning Japanese or something that connects you to the society as well, so you don’t just feel like a tourist passing by, but actually feel like part of society here and not just go to sleep and work.


The University provides good cafeterias for daily life use with a lot of variety of dishes that’s very useful and convenient.


Culture-shock is inevitable staying in Japan. Everything in Japan is so different, like rest room, food, people, infrastructure of the city, to the cleanness. People are very polite and service on the very high level.
I was impressed by many of the customs in Japan. For example, Japanese people are always punctual. That makes me try to be punctual when attending meetings at laboratory, because it means that you don’t value the time of other person, thus, I am always in my spot 15 minutes before the beginning of meetings. I have learned and realized the value of time and it’s consideration in implementation of all activities.

Japan is also captivating if you’re interested in the culture. That’s also one motivation of coming to Japan. I believe the work-life balance is important. One of the excited thing that you have a chance and time to explore this country, because it’s so unique and unpredictable.

Work in the laboratory

It is well known that Japanese people tend to work more hours than other countries, although it depends on the people or laboratories. Japanese laboratories are often considered to be a place for long working hours. Although this may be true for some laboratories this usually depends on the person, lab or subject area that you’re working on. According to our laboratory the student work whole day and even at night. However, my laboratory is not so stringent. The professor does not give us much pressure, nevertheless he has created an environment where everyone wants to work and there is a competitive environment in the lab that motivates us to work more. Usually, our laboratory work 24 hours and I feel that it’s very convenient if you have a access to the laboratory during the time which is more suitable for you and your productivity.

One more important point is Japanese universities allocate a lot of resources for research purposes and collaborate with the other Research Institutes. The professors who have a lot of funding and grants can buy a lot of equipment and tools. Mainly, the experimental instruments are owned by the university, but not in the case of Japanese Universities. The instruments and tools are belonging to the individual laboratories. Instead of having specialists or technicians for the machines. Thus students in the laboratory are in charge of the equipment. I can use them for research, I’m happy with that.

Hokkaido University Campus on fall

I fall in love with the Hokkaido University Campus when I first saw it. The grounds of Hokkaido University are picturesque. It’s quiet, no cars allowed (unless with permit), people cycling along the avenues. Peaceful and relaxing Campus is very green and has a lot of places for rest. Many tourists come to this campus to capture so wonderful nature near.

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