-Воспоминания о пребывании-
-Researchers Diary-
( 2014 г.)

Наталья Цыденова


This month is the national buryat-mongolian holiday – Sagaalgan. It’s biggest traditional festival. Usually is organized the Global flesh-mob-dance of buryatian people who live in Buryatia and in other parts of the world each year. I participated in the flesh-mob in Tokyo. It was so nice to dance our traditional Yohor! There were invited not only buryatians. Also the Japanese people, who studies the Buryatian and Mongolian languages, took a place in this event. All of us enjoyed! After the dance we cooked and ate traditional buryat-mongolian dish – boozi.


One of my teachers of the Japanese language recommended me to visit the Yabusame festival in Asakusa. It was organised in Sumida-park in Saturday April 18th. The horseback archery was really fantastic. The competition turned out to be a truly exciting. All people who saw this emotionally rooting for participants. The ceremony of this festival was also interesting. It began with a procession of action participants – riders on beautiful horses, people in traditional clothes, who brought arrows or gave the go-ahead the beginning of the start by a fan another participants.



When I came here, I was a little bit surprised by the weather. When in Tokyo was very hot here was a little bit cool. Also I am enjoying beautiful views of Hokkaido – Okhotsk sea, Saroma lake, forests and mountains. Every Sunday is the day of a rest. But yesterday we with some colleagues visited excavations of the site Shimaki, located in 300 km to the sough from here. There works the team of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. The excavation leader Dr. Izuho showed us the natural location of the obsidian which is located in 30 km from the Simaki site. It was amazing site! Sometimes it’s possible to cook ourself something here in the dormitory of the Tokoro-laboratory. And I cooked for our team two Russian dishes – borsh and bliny. I hope that students liked it.
Other days three local women cook for us. Sometimes local fishers kindly give us fresh fish or cook sashimi for us! It’s so tasty!

Tokoro satsumon pit-dwelling


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