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(Invitation to Young Russian Researchers)
Program Announcement For the year 2019

The program is aimed at providing opportunities for promising young Russian scholars, researchers, doctoral candidates and other specialists to conduct research, thereby contributing to mutual understanding and cooperation between Japan and the Russian Federation.
A small number of persons.
The field of study is not restricted. However, the fields of Japanese study and Japan-Russia relationship have higher priority. Any practical training is excluded.
Fellowships are awarded for a period of 3 months up to 1 year (no extension allowed) with a starting date between June 2019 and December 2019.
(1) Domestic transportation expenses within Japan (between the arrival airport /port and the nearest airport/main railway station to his/her destination)
(2) A monthly stipend of 250,000-300,000 Japanese yen
  *The amount includes tuition fee, housing allowance and other expenses). The awarded amount will be determined depending on the out-of-pocket tuition fees etc.
  *International air ticket and the overseas travelers' personal accident insurance (obliged) are purchased by the successful candidates.
(3) A supplementary grant for the research up to 100,000 Japanese yen through the period of the fellowship
Each candidate for the fellowship must:
(1) hold Russian citizenship and permanent residence in Russian Federation or in Japan;
(2) be engaged at the post-graduate (or higher) course level, be aged 40 and under, in principle;
(3) secure the necessary affiliation arrangements with the host institution by the time of application(by letter or e-mail);
(4) have sufficient proficiency in either Japanese or English to conduct research in Japanese institutions;
(5) have the will to continue to engage in the research or education in the field of study after returning to Russia;
(6) not be receiving other grant-in-aid or scholarships etc. for study and research in Japan and will not be receiving any other grants at the same time;
(7) have physically and mentally sound health; and
(8) be able to have an interview at the Embassy or the General Consulates of Japan in the Russian Federation or an interview in Tokyo;
(1)Applicants must submit the following documents to the Embassy or the General Consulates of Japan in the Russian Federation (applicants who stay in Japan can submit them directly to the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center “JREX”)
    a ) Application form (attached format) with research plan
    b ) Letters of reference from both Japanese and Russian supervisors (including the evaluation of Japanese and English proficiency)
    c ) Letter of reference from a responsible person at the host institution in Japan (including the evaluation of Japanese and English proficiency, and the intention of acceptance to the institution)
    d ) Academic documents preferably in either English or Japanese (1 copy of monograph or thesis written recently and the list of other works, if any. If any works are written only in Russian, their summaries must be attached to them English or Japanese )
    e ) Certificate of registration or diploma of the post-graduate course
    f ) Copy of Russian national passport
(2)Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (by noon) to be arrived at the Embassy or the General Consulates of Japan.
https://www.mofa.go.jp/about/emb_cons/over/multi.html. In case an applicant lives in Japan, arrival at JREX.
(3)Notification of Result: till the end of April, 2019
(1) At the first stage all the applicants will be screened based on their application documents. The applicants will be notified of the results through the Embassy or the General Consulates of Japan in the Russian Federation or JREX.
(2) At the next stage all the candidates who have passed the first stage will be interviewed via Skype or telephone(applicants who stay in Japan will be interviewed in Tokyo or via Skype or telephone). The date and time of the interview will be notified together with the results of the screening
(3) For the final selection of candidates, in addition to the evaluation within Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Committee academic person(s) might take part in the selection if needed
(4) Any inquiry about reasons of the selection is not accepted
10.INVITATION PROCEDURE (after the final selection)
(1) Selected candidates must submit the following documents to the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center:
① a written oath (sent with the result of the final selection stage)
② other documents (details will be notified to the selected candidates)
(2) According to the instruction which will be sent together with the result of the final selection, selected candidates are responsible for all necessary procedures concerning visa applications, arrangements of their research plans, accommodation in Japan, etc., through contact with their host institutions.
(1) The fellowship may be canceled if any of the following has occurred.
  ① forfeiture of eligibility for the fellowship
② any false statement in the application forms and other submitted documents
③ any violation of the written oath
④ any behavior deemed unsuitable for an individual holding a fellowship
⑤ difficulty in accomplishing the proposed purpose
⑥ difficulty in continuing research due to other reasons

(2) Fellows must submit a monthly report during the whole period of stay in Japan. After the end of the fellowship period, they are to submit a research report within 3 months.
(3) The Center may make public on its web site or by other means the following items: fellows’ names, affiliations, host institutions, research themes, activities during and after the fellowship period, scientific papers written with the support of the fellowship program, etc.

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